Women are always looking for better ways to improve their style. Speaking of style, eyeglasses are one of the products that clearly fit the bill in this regard given that they can be worn on a daily basis. This article outlines one such a product that doubles as prescription glasses for vision correction as well as cosmetic purposes. With that said, here are a few benefits of cat eye wood sunglasses for women and why they are becoming popular almost on a daily basis.

1. Great Option for Round-Shaped People

Now, you will realize that cat eye wood sunglasses are an ideal option if you have a round shaped face. The cat eye design specifically focuses on strong angles with an extended upper portion to create a design with a sharp angle. No wonder you can find them suitable if you lack the aforementioned angularity.

2. 100% UV Protection

With cat eye wood sunglasses, you are able to enjoy UV protection by simply selecting the lens coatings from top eyewear stores. That being said, you will enjoy 100% protection from the harmful UV radiation from the sun.

This is an implication that you will be moving freely during the day without any worries of developing serious eye conditions. In summary, you will still enjoy the same benefits as you do with any pair of sunglasses only that the protection from UV radiation aspect is 100% guaranteed.

3. Face Uplift

eye wood sunglasses
eye wood sunglasses

Again, cat eye wood sunglasses are a viable option for cosmetic purposes. So if you are looking to improve your style by getting a quality pair of sunglasses that will do exactly that then this is your best bet. The ability to enhance your facial appearance is largely attributed to the shape of these sunglasses.

4. Multiple Sizes

If you thought that cat eye wood sunglasses are not suitable for you because of your small face then maybe you should think again. The good news is that cat eye wood sunglasses are suitable for a variety of individuals. There is always an ideal cat eye frame for any specific individual out there to give you the exact facial uplift and fashion style you are looking for.

5. Polarized

Cat Eye Wood Sunglasses
Cat Eye Wood Sunglasses

You might have heard of polarized lenses before and their benefits…or haven’t you? Well, cat eye wood sunglasses are also not left behind in this regard. In fact, they offer superior glare protection making them suitable for a variety of outdoor activities such as driving, and jogging just to mention a few.

Eye and Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women-Wayfarer Style

With that said, one such a worthy option in this category of sunglasses is the eye and cat sunglasses for women-Wayfarer style. And speaking of these sunglasses, here are their key features to give you an in-depth knowledge as you look to make your purchase.

Key Features

  • 100% UV protection
  • These sunglasses boast a wooden  frame
  • Have a mirrored lens
  • Polarized for a guaranteed glare protection
  • Lens width-2 inches
  • Lens height-1.77 inches
  • Bridge-0.59 inches


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