3. curling wand set (2)

Is the Curling Wand Better than Your Curling Iron?

The quest for the perfect beach wave curls is no easy feat. If you like curling your hair, you probably have gone through a lot of curling devices and you probably know by now which devices give...
yoga mat cleaner

Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning and Maintaining a Yoga Mat

Cleaning your yoga mat is of importance since it comes in close contact with your body now and then. When used over extended periods, it may harbor dirt and germs that can cause infections. Yoga...

Rosa by Amelia Pemberton

Amelia Pemberton shares a selection of portraits of Rosa Lily James.  
Hot Hair Brush for Daily Hairstyles

How to use a hot hairbrush for daily hairstyles

Hairstyling used to be a laborious and tedious process back in the day – usually involving a hairdryer in one hand and brush in the other, and it can last up to an hour....
Personalized Jewelry

Why Personalized Jewelry Make the Best Gift

If you are looking for a meaningful gift that will show a person how much they mean to you, personalized jewelry should be one of your options and top choice. It has the capacity...

Durable Clear Bags For Everyday Flawless Look

Bags are never going out of style, and that's a fact, especially for women. When it comes to bags, there something for everyone. Whether you take one to your office, college, or use it...
stylish women’s dresses

A look into one of the most stylish women’s dresses

Women’s fashion is both intriguing and complicated. Unlike men, women care too much about how they look. A woman would rather wake up an hour or earlier than necessary to make sure that she looks...

Wisteria Hysteria by Hollie Fernando


Ema by Ava Alamshah

Ema (and Igor the cat) captured on film by Ava Alamshah on the streets of Los Angeles.

Gabriela by Emily Scarlett Romain

Gabriela Bloomgarden @ Re:Quest Models New York photographed by Emily Scarlett Romain on the Staten Island Ferry with styling by Antonia Marsh.