Gabriela by Emily Scarlett Romain

Gabriela Bloomgarden @ Re:Quest Models New York photographed by Emily Scarlett Romain on the Staten Island Ferry with styling by Antonia Marsh.
a woman with beautiful Lashes

How To Select Fashionable Wholesale Lashes Suppliers

Finding a quality false eyelash brand that suits all your needs can be a daunting task. However, even the total number of eyelashes you require to go through before finding the right one can...
3. curling wand set (2)

Is the Curling Wand Better than Your Curling Iron?

The quest for the perfect beach wave curls is no easy feat. If you like curling your hair, you probably have gone through a lot of curling devices and you probably know by now which devices give...

Ilona by Cleo Glover

Clothes for Toddler Girls

A Guide on How to Find the Right Clothes for Toddler Girls

Doing clothes for toddler girls shopping can some times be fun and sometimes challenging when you don’t know what to choose. However, most times, we grumble about the lack of enough good options. But,...
Afrilace Fabric

Getting started with Afrilace Fabric

In the world today, most people around the world are looking for the best fabric that will cater to their fashion needs. These days, a lot of people are slowly looking into using good...

What Cocktail Dress Will Fit Your Body Type?

You wear a robe de cocktail during formal and semi-formal occasions such as weddings and cocktail parties. Deciding which one to buy is not easy, especially when there are many options to consider. You need...

Durable Clear Bags For Everyday Flawless Look

Bags are never going out of style, and that's a fact, especially for women. When it comes to bags, there something for everyone. Whether you take one to your office, college, or use it...

Top Things You Should Know About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are often used in enhancing beauty. From their curliness to length as well as fullness, you'll like how natural some of them are. While that is true, it's also factual that many people...

How to Use Hair Extensions the Right Way

Do you want high-quality hair extensions? If you are like many women, you may not be sure where to begin. The truth is that hair extensions help add extra volume to the hair. Moreover,...