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The quest for the perfect beach wave curls is no easy feat. If you like curling your hair, you probably have gone through a lot of curling devices and you probably know by now which devices give you huge curls or elegant ringlets. 

Although we are in awe of the wonders of the curling iron, today, we now have the curling wand set dominating hair products all over the world. This product claims to produce better curls while applying less heat damage to your locks. But what is it really and how is it different from your curling iron? 


If you put the two devices beside each other, you can easily see the difference. A curling iron has a clamp while a curling wand does not have one. The curling wand is considered to be a step up because clamps often leave dents in your hair while styling it. 

Starting point

With a curling iron, you usually start at the ends of your hair then roll the iron upwards. This is why you often have terrible split ends. The ends of your hair are actually the most fragile since they are older and farther from your hair follicle. With a curling wand set, you can start styling right in the middle. This method means you get healthier ends so you do not have to keep trimming your hair. As a result, you get less heat damage on your hair.


A curling iron is fixed in size. This means your curls will look the same way every day. The best thing about a curling wand set is that it comes with barrels of different sizes that you can interchange to achieve the size of curls you want. With a curling wand, you can get beach waves, loose curls, free-flowing waves, and even achieve the old Hollywood waves. Its versatility allows you to achieve multiple looks with just one tool.


Professionals say that if you want tight or loose ringlets that are polished and often used for special occasions, the curling iron is your best bet. However, if you are going for the trendy, natural beach waves that most women aim for every day, the curling wand does a better job at it.

What to look out for before getting your curling wand set

When looking for a curling wand set, choose a product that has adjustable heat settings for more control. Another nice feature that you should look out for is a product that already has pre-heat so that you do not have to wait for the wand to heat up. Also, if you are the clumsy type, you should get a curling wand that does auto shut-down so that you no longer have to worry whether you have unplugged your wand or not.

Loose and dreamy beach waves may seem so effortless at first but we girls know how much work you have to put in to achieve that look. With a curling wand set, you do not have to struggle as much every morning just to look perfect every time you walk out the door.


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