Lolita blouse
Lolita blouse

Though Decora fashion is now a trend that is garnering speed, some aspects of the fashion remain a bit challenging especially for beginners. Ideally, when choosing a Lolita blouse from online sites, one should aim for a feminine blouse. However, even when choosing from high-quality sites like, to look chic but yet sophisticated in the blouse there are certain elements you need to consider. Below are tips to follow when buying a Lolita blouse.

  • Correct Balance Of Material On The Lolita Blouse

Lolita fashion makes use of lace and ruffles to give a soft and delicate look. However, to nail the Harajuku fashion, you should realize that Lolita fashion doesn’t equal excessive lace use. When selecting, choose a blouse that offers the right balanced use of lace without overwhelming the look.  Also, ensure the ruffles are an accessory that compliments the whole look.  If no one can differentiate the difference between the neck and chest area, realize you have too many ruffles.  

  • Lolita Blouse Shape

Modern Lolita blouse shape, especially in Gothic Lolita has incorporated the use of pointed collars as an acceptable shape.  However, when choosing a classical look that stays true to the traditional Lolita style of dressing, selecting a rounded collar is more fitting. When selecting the shape, keep in mind that it should be a high collar blouse with no cleavage on display.

Lolita blouse
  • Lolita Blouse Sleeve Shape

When choosing a blouse puffed sleeves are the way to go as a means to complement the rounded collars. Even though you can choose a straight sleeve, it should be balanced with a more bell-shaped Lolita skirt.  Nonetheless, new Lolita fashion styles have emerged to showcase uniqueness.  However, remember that as much as a sleeveless and one shoulder sleeve blouse are now being worn, sleeveless blouses aren’t an acceptable Lolita style.  

  • Lolita Blouse Fit

 To ensure you look sharp and elegant while still exhibiting the school girl appearance, get yourself a fitted blouse. A Blouse that seem too big and that you can swim in is unsightly. To get ahead in this Japanese street fashion aim to get a feminine shaped blouse. When doing so, differentiate between a fitting blouse and a tight blouse because tight blouses are tacky,

Lolita blouse
  • Lolita Blouse Material

Finally, pick the right material when choosing a Lolita style blouse. When shopping, heavily lean on products with natural fiber to give it an airy feel. Polyester and nylon t-shirts are a big no as they will only make you feel restricted and cause large patches of sweat. However, also aim to choose a fabric that does not wrinkle easily to look elegant the whole day. In all ensure that your blouse is not see through.  


When choosing a Lolita blouse from Lolita style fashion, select one that is girly and soft. As it should look more formal, choose Brolita fashion that has a few traditional elements sticking with the Lolita community guidelines. Overall, avoid choosing a cheap looking blouse for the sake of saving money.


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