The first of my Lush Christmas posts, Golden Wonder bath bomb. Those of you who know me will know I’m not usually one for a bath bomb, they’re messy , expensive, contribute little to my bathing experience and the baby calls them cakes and tries to eat them.. it’s not good. That being said I decided to jump on the band wagon this year and try some of their more festive offerings.

First of all before this hits the water it gets golden shimmer EVERYWHERE so that’s alreay a mark against it and I’m dreading getting in the bath with it. The gold actually disperses quickly when it stars to fizz but gives gorgeous golden foam before it does. This is probably one of the most fun to watch ‘unfold’ as it’s full of pockets of colour you’re not expecting. The citrus scent was nice but not overpowering and  it was pretty to look at and the water was ocean blue by the end.

It’s one of the more exciting ballistics because it’s huge and when you shake the ‘present’ you can here a rattling inside begging the question.. what IS that? It’s definitely more of an experience than your regular bath bomb but uktimately it’s colour and a bit of a zesty scent which for me isn’t all that. I’d get this again for my 8 year old because she loved watching it evolve but I’ll stick to my nourishing butterball for now.. I’m prepared to be dazzled by another of the Christmas editions yet but I’m not holding out much hope – any suggestions?


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