mount a pearl to a ring

Arguably, a ring looks more attractive and fashionable when it has a pearl. However, you need to know how to mount a pearl to a ring so that you can fix it in case the pearl falls off. Certainly, Pearl setting: pearl mountings can be relatively simple when you have clear procedures to follow. Consequently, this article will give you some simple steps that you can follow to set a pearl in a ring.

Step 1: Choose the best adhesive for the jewelry

Applying the right glue while mounting the pearl is vital, as it ensures that the attachment lasts longer. A pearl factory may use different materials when manufacturing the pearls, thus creating a need for using different adhesives when fixing the gem. Consequently, you need to use a tested or recommended adhesive for specific materials.

Step 2: Clean the ring

The ring, being the jewelry to put pearls in, needs to be cleaned and polished. If you are reattaching the jewel, the glue used previously needs to be completely removed. If not, the joint might not be strong enough to support the pearl for a prolonged period.  

Step 3: Ensure that the pearl comfortably fits in the ring setting

In the third step, you need to set your pearl on the ring to ensure it fits comfortably. Identify the pearl face that will be seen at the end of the project and make sure it suits well in the ring. Besides, the pearl shape and blemishes should also be considered for a snug fit. However, if the pearl does not automatically fit in the ring, you can consider replacing it with another one that will fit better.

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Step 4: Insert the glue in the pearl hole

Putting the glue in the hole of a pearl is the most crucial step of how to mount pearl in a ring procedure. The adhesive should be put on both the setting post and the pearl’s drilled hole. Consider inserting the glue tip into the pearl hole and squeeze the tube gently to inject the glue in small amounts.

Step 5: Fit the pearl to the ring

Consequently, the next stage of how to set a pearl is fitting the pearl gently to the post. As a way of ensuring a comfort sitting of the pearl to the position, the pearl can be twisted a little. Additionally, twisting also helps in spreading the glue inside the pearl. 

Step 6: Hold the pearl to the ring setting

Lastly, you need to hold the pearl ring setting as a way of making the two items fit firmly. Also, you can consider using a clip, such as clothes peg to help you powerfully hold the set together as the glue hardens. After the glue has dried, you can remove the clip and have your pearl attached to the ring.  

mount a pearl to a ring

In conclusion

Instead of going to the pearl factory rings every time your pearl detaches from the ring, you can consider fixing it by yourself. The procedure discussed above equips you with the knowledge of how to mount a pearl to a ring. Conclusively, the six steps are enough tutorial to help you fix the pearl back to the ring setting.


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