Canvas bags are very customizable. This is one of the reasons why a lot of companies easily use them as marketing and promotional materials. You can also make your own customized canvas bag! All you have to do is purchase a plain canvas bag, some art materials, and a load of creativity!

Here are some suggestions on how you can make your own customized small canvas bags or extra large ones that stands out from the rest!

Paint on it

The canvas material of these bags makes it easy for you to paint on them! So, if you are good with a brush, why not paint it?

The choices you have on what to paint are endless! You can paint geometrical designs, images, landscapes, animals, abstract – whatever you feel like doing.

Hand-painted canvas bags are very popular and unique! You can be assured that you would not run into someone with the same canvas bag!

Stamp on it

If you are not good at drawing or painting, you can go the easy way and just stamp on your canvas bags using paint. An easy DIY solution to this is to use potatoes! Cut them into the shape you want, dip them into the paint and stamp them on your canvas bag!

Sew on it

You can sew on some colorful fabric on it. You can do patches where you fill your canvas bag with squares of different fabrics and it looks like a homey quilt. Or just fill out the sides or the bottom. You can also cut the fabric into shapes like a heart or a star and sew that in. If your canvas bag does not have any pockets, you can use another fabric and make one of your own! You can also sew on beads, lace, sequins, buttons, and another fancy trimming to your canvas bag to give it a feminine or fancy touch.


The material of canvas bags is also good for embroidery. If you are good at this craft, you should give it a try. It would also up the value of your bag!


Have a favorite quote or motto? Why not share it with the world by displaying it on your canvas bag? If Calligraphy is so stylish these days so if you are good at it, this can be a good business for you too! Aside from quotes, you can even write out your name – if you do not mind strangers knowing your name.

Dye it

You can dye your plain canvas bags! You can use the usual tie-dye method, or just dip the base part in the dye. This is a very easy method that even kids can do!

Use iron stickers

For the art-deficient, you can go the easy way and use iron stickers. These are stickers that you can stick to clothing. To make it work, you have to iron the sticker over the cloth to help it stick permanently. In a few minutes, the paint sticks!

Use a scarf

If you have a huge scarf collection, you can use it on your canvas bag! Tie it on the straps to give it a touch of color. This can be pretty useful during windy and cool days where there are instances that a scarf will be useful.

Advantages of customized canvas bags

The first advantage of having a customized canvas bag is that you carry with you a unique accessory. You can be confident knowing that no one has the same bag and people can easily remember that you own that bag.

Another advantage is that you can use it as a chance to show off your artistic style. One way to shout to the world that you are an artist is to wear your art!

Third, you can actually make money out of this! Plain canvas tote bags are very cheap in particular. They also come in different colors and sizes. You can buy them in bulk for a discounted price and do your thing with them then sell the finished product!


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